Lion Ball Pit - MZ049FX
Lion Ball Pit - MZ049FXLion Ball Pit - MZ049FXLion Ball Pit - MZ049FXLion Ball Pit - MZ049FX
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The fun lion shape of this ball pit makes it a whole lot more fun than a typical ball pit toy. Ball pits are fun but a lion-shaped ball pit is even more exciting! Develop your child's imagination, creative play and fine motor skills while they are having a whole heap of active fun. For extra excitement, the lion ball pit features friendly lion graphics and paw-shaped handles. With its inflatable soft sides and soft air pad floor, it provides a safe and fun environment for kids to enjoy jumping around in the ball pool. The ball pit comes complete with 50 multi-coloured play balls so, once inflated, your ball pit is ready to go and the fun can begin. As it is inflatable, it can easily be deflated and stored away when not in use and it is soft and safe for the youngest to play in. The bright colours make this ball pit a perfect addition to any play area or birthday party and it is a great gift idea for a toddler. Great fun all year round, as can be used indoors or outdoors.

Ages from 2 years.

Inflated: 111 x 98 x 61.5cm (44 x 39 x 24in).

Product Code: MZ049FX

Lion Ball Pit - MZ049FX